Creative Planet School of the Arts – HELP!

Dear friends,

The Creative Planet School of the Arts is located at the First Presbyterian Church of Baldwin Park. We consider them to be our partners and our friends.

The founder and principal of Creative Planet, Mr. Billy R., is in the finals of the Dr. Pepper community activist contest. He needs your votes! Read about him here, and then click on the link below to cast your vote. Since this contest is co-sponsored by Yahoo!, you need to log in with your Yahoo ID (if you have one–or if you’re willing to set one up for free).



p.s. Please forward this on to folks who might want to help. For more about Creative Planet and Billy, go to or to


Vote for this person Bill R of Duarte,CA
On Behalf of the Creative Planet School of the Arts
Billy R. is a creative genius and an inspirational community leader. Five years ago he set out on a mission to provide high quality, gifted-level arts and academic training to low income children throughout Los Angeles. Today, he has achieved this mission and then some by offering advanced academic and artistic training at an extremely low tuition and by creating full scholarships for families with economic hardships. And he’s done all this while paying himself only the most minimal of salaries. His non-profit school, Creative Planet School of the Arts, is a haven of learning and creativity for students who were previously deemed at-risk, learning disabled or undisciplined. I have seen first hand how many children’s lives have been changed by Billy and his amazing school. These kids can paint a masterpiece; sing in four-part harmony; dance ballet, jazz, hip-hop, tap and modern; play the piano; and act a Shakespearean monologue, all while scoring in the top 20 percent of the nation on their SATs. Billy peppers our community with creativity every day…inspiring the hearts, minds and talents of the youth of Los Angeles to pepper their community with hope for tomorrow.

Now go to to vote!

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