It’s time: Democrats need to be strong for LGBT rights

It’s irritating. The Democrats have taken the votes of gay men and lesbians for granted in general elections. And most of the time, the Democrat is a better choice than the Republican when it comes to LGBT issues. But it’s time to stop taking the crumbs, time for us to step up and say that we want FULL rights. Marriage–not some pseudo sort-of equivalent. Sure, hospital visitation and medical decision-making and death benefits are important; but let’s stop pretending that anything short of marriage is “everything but the name.” If you can’t get all of the automatically-conferred rights and benefits–including filing joint taxes and inheritance rights and social security benefits–then it isn’t equal. It’s separate and UNequal. And unfair.

It’s time for candidates to step up and tell us that they unequivocally believe in access to marriage for all couples so that we can support them whole-heartedly…

…or that they don’t–and then we can choose to accept the crumbs and second-class citizenship that they offer, or we can “take it to the streets” (and the polling booths) to tell them that their best just ain’t good enough.

see Laura Flanders: To Beat the Right, Clinton and Obama Need to Be Clear About Supporting Gay Rights

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