Don Imus fired first by MSNBC, now CBS; Alberto Gonzales to follow

CBS has fired Don Imus

AP UPDATE: “CBS brought the tumultuous weeklong crisis over racially insensitive remarks by the radio host Don Imus to an end late this afternoon when it canceled the ‘Imus in the Morning’ program, effective immediately. The move came one day after MSNBC, which has simulcast Mr. Imus’s radio program for the past 10 years, removed the show from the cable network’s morning lineup. The two moves together mean that Mr. Imus, who has been broadcasting his program for more than 30 years, no longer has a home on either national radio or television.”

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Yeah, so Don Imus is fired from both TV and radio. Won’t Tom Oliphant and Tim Russert be disappointed? And we now know that the blonde what’s-his-name (and not the attorney what’s-his-name) is the father of Anna Nichole Smith’s baby.

I’m certainly not saying that racist and misogynist comments like that of Imus are unimportant. They are important, and they need to be stopped. But we, in our consumer society, stop the speakers by refusing to buy products from those who advertise on the programs, and letting the advertisers know what we are doing and why.

So now can we get back to things that are important and not diversionary? Can we talk about Alberto Gonzales and his mouth that can only lie? Can we talk about the war in Iraq and trying to bring home the members of the American military alive? Can we talk about impeaching George W. Bush???

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