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Human Rights
The Human Rights Campaign Foundation: All families deserve protection
Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation: Fair, accurate and inclusive representation
The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People: 94 Years of Making Democracy Work
Oxfam International: finding lasting solutions to poverty, suffering and injustice
Center for Economic and Social Rights: Social Justice through Human Rights
Southern Center for Human Rights: Fighting discrimination against people of color, the poor and the disadvantaged in the criminal justice systems in the South.
Human Rights Watch: Defending human rights
Amnesty International: Working to protect human rights worldwide
Anti-Racist Action: Stopping racism, sexism, homophobia and other forms of bigotry from harming communities
United Human Rights Council

Independent Research Shaping the Future
Get the full story
Progressive-minded think tank
Bank Information Center: amplifying local voices to democratize development
Keep an eye on the World Bank
Getting to know the World Bank
Center For Law and Social Policy: helping out low-income families
Developing social entrepreneurship around the world
What else are they not telling you?
Air America: hear Al Franken, Chuck D, Janeane Garofalo lobby for the left
Online journal of progressive news and opinions published by Working Assets
Independent news devoted to topics of global importance
Critical media studies: Provides resource links for conducting critical research in media studies and American studies
Progressive magazine providing unconventional wisdom since 1865
Running total of the amount of money spent by the U.S. Government to finance the war in Iraq
Progressive Punch: Searchable database of Congressional voting records

Political Activism
Democracy in Action: Bringing ordinary people back to politics
Empowering young people to change their world
Dedicated to serving all Americans with accurate and unbiased information for electoral decision-making
Michael Moore’s web site
Tom Morello’s activism site
Fat Mike of NOFX’s political activism site
A fair and balanced look at the Right
Building social justice, starting in the classroom
Why Ralph? Find out.
Take back America: campaign for our future
Partners in Health: providing health care for the poor
Grassroots International offers grants fostering social change
Arianna Huffington’s site
Voice your opinion on the issues you care about
People for the American Way: Taking action to defend democracy
Pledge of Resistance: Building, strengthening an expanding resistance to stop the U.S. Government’s course of war and repression
Coalition of more than 750 local and national groups joined together to oppose the U.S. Government’s policy of warfare
Seeks to provide policymakers and the public with thoughtful solutions that promote democratic participation, economic fairness and social justice
Getting private money out of politics and people back in
League of Independent Voters: Revolutionizing democracy
Music and other social causes: Working to turn out this generation at the polls
Center for American Progress: Progressive ideas for a strong, just and free America

Drug War
Reason. Compassion. Justice. Let’s put an end to the “war” on drugs
National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws
Drug Reform Coordination Network: Working for reform of U.S. drug laws
Common Sense for Drug Policy
Media Awareness Project: Worldwide network dedicated to drug policy reform
Drug Policy Reform: Drug Sense means education
Partnership for Drug Policy Facts and Alternatives
November Coalition: Educating the public about the destructive increase in prison population in the U.S. due to current drug laws
Get the facts
Students for Sensible Drug Policy

Gun Control
Join Jerry Seinfeld, Britney Spears, Madonna, Bruce Springsteen and others
Help stop the NRA from shielding gun dealers who arm criminals
Sensible Gun Laws Save Lives
Coalition to Stop Gun Violence: Organizing for progressive gun laws since 1974
Legal Community Against Violence: Educating communities about federal, state and local regulations
United with the Brady Campaign to prevent gun violence

A smart site where teenagers discuss ethical and political issues and find out about opportunities for activism and volunteer jobs
Progressive youth organizers who provide advocacy training, grants for school publications and support for academic freedom, environmentalism and affordable education
Informs young people about sexual health issues
Youth Activism Project: Encouraging young people to speak up and pursue lasting solutions to problems
Non-profit organization that provides young people ages twelve to twenty the tools necessary to create civic-minded organizations, clubs or businesses
Child Rights Information Network: All children are born with fundamental freedoms and the inherent rights of all human beings
National Association to Protect Children: Pro-child, anti-crime
Inspire. Inform. Involve.

National Organization for Women: the largest feminist group in the country
Women led grassroots movement for social justice and peace
Leading pro choice site
Promoting positive self-esteem in girls and women of all ages, sizes, races and backgrounds
NARAL Pro-Choice America: Mobilizing pro-choice supporters to achieve better access to more effective contraceptives and other reproductive health care information
Rape Abuse Incest National Network: The nation’s largest anti-sexual assault organization
Consciousness-raising portal of resources that supports women’s equality, self-empowerment, wellness and safety
Feminist Majority Foundation: Breaking news and feminism
National Women’s Alliance: Working to improve the lives of women and girls of color

Civil Liberties
The American Civil Liberties Union: Defending the Bill of Rights
The world’s largest and most trusted voluntary reproductive health care organization
A union fighting for working people
International Freedom of Expression eXchange
Committee to Protect Journalists: Dedicated to the global defense of press freedom
Alliance For Justice: Advancing the cause of justice for all Americans
Bill Of Rights Defense Committee
Center for National Security Studies: Protecting civil liberties and human rights

The National Resources Defense Council: The Earth’s Best Defense
Explore, enjoy and protect the planet
The American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy
The Alternative Fuels Data Center
Center for International Environmental Law: Solving environmental problems, legally
Save the planet
U.S. Green Building Council: engineering with responsibility
Student Environmental Action Coalition: Uprooting environmental injustices through action and education
Environmental Protection Agency: Protecting human health and the environment
Protecting national forests from eradication
Working to inspire non-violent, grassroots involvement in regional forest protection
Global Resource Action Center for the Environment
Rainforest Action Network: Protecting tropical rainforests
What you need to live a healthier, more socially and environmentally sustainable life

Latin America
National Council of LA Raza: Making a difference for Hispanic Americans
Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute: developing the next generation of Latino leaders
Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational fund: advocate for Latino rights
North American Congress on Latin America: Providing information on political, social and economic issues in the Americas
Mexico Solidarity Network: Coalition for human rights, economic justice and democracy in the U.S. and Mexico

Know what you’re buying, before you buy
Public Citizen: advocating consumer rights
U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission
Foundation for Taxpayer and Consumer Rights (FTCR): Activism to advance and protect the interests of consumers and taxpayers
United for a Fair Economy: Inspiring action to close the economic divide
Federal Trade Commission: For the consumer
FirstGov for Consumers: Your resource for consumer information from the federal government
Consumer Federation of America: The consumer resource for consumer information
Protecting fair-use rights in the digital world
National Association of Consumer Advocates: Promoting justice for consumers
National Consumers League: Advancing economic and social interests of consumers and workers

Americans United for Separation of Church and State
Citizens United for Alternatives to the Death Penalty: Working to end the death penalty in the U.S.
Nuclear Policy Research Institute: Creating consensus for a nuclear free future
National Priorities Project: Offering citizens and community groups resources to shape federal budget and policy priorities that promote social and economic justice
Future of Music Coalition: Educating musicians and the public about issues shaping the debate in music/technology space
Center for Democracy and Technology: Promote democratic values and constitutional liberties

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