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Rachel Maddow on CA Supreme Court Decision

May 29, 2009

Pro Prop 8 Demonstration Information

May 20, 2009
I share this with you so that we all know, but I am firmly committed to non-violence. I know that we will be emotional over the ruling one way or the other–but let’s take the high road and leave the ugliness to those who oppose us.
May 20, 2009

Pastors and Christian Leaders,

The CA Supreme Court announcement regarding Prop 8 is due by June 3, BUT MAY COME AS SOON AS TODAY OR TOMORROW. In any case, the waiting is almost over.

Whatever the ruling, with others involved in the successful Prop 8 campaign, we are planning for rallies on the SUNDAY AFTER the ruling. We are told that those who were opposed to Prop 8 are preparing to rally and march on the Saturday after the ruling, so are avoiding that day.

This means our Prop 8 rallies could be held as early as this Sunday, May 24, but might be on May 31 or June 7.

Here in San Diego County, we are preparing for one rally at a central site, probably at the San Diego County Administration Building, since that location is well known and ample parking is available. It will probably take place at 2 PM on the appropriate Sunday.

Many of you came together at some 200 locations across the state for the webinar conference calls during the Prop 8 battle. We now encourage you now to contact other pro-marriage pastors in your area and being to prepare immediately for a rally on one of the next three Sundays: May 24, May 31, or June 7. Experience suggests you invite a select group of respected individuals to speak for approximately 4 minutes each at a rally lasting approximately an hour, but you might add other elements you know will be successfully received by those who attend.

Assuming the Supreme Court upholds Prop 8, then the rally could be one of praising and thanking God, affirming and thanking the workers, encouraging believers to stay in the struggle (as this is just one battle in the long war to defend marriage), and alerting them to what we are hearing regarding the plans of the anti-marriage group to overthrow Prop 8 (now Article 1, Section 7.5 of the CA Constitution).

As we prepare for these rallies across the state, we acknowledge there is still a lot of built-in uncertainty. Although we think the court will rule in our favor, it is possible the decision could go against us, so you must consider that in your planning as well. Further, we understand you may decide to hold your rally other than on the Sunday immediately after the ruling – nothing is keeping you from waiting an extra week if that is best.

We will let you know as soon as we hear when the ruling will be made – we think we will be given 24 hours notice.

We value your input, will appreciate knowing your plans as they progress, and will be happy to share with you what we have learned from past rally experience. Please contact us with a reply to this email, or call us at 619-997-5332 or 619-660-5000 x 5404 with your questions, comments, suggestions, plans, etc. We will do our best to help you spread the word about your event to those in your area who are part of our email list. I eagerly await word from you.


Jim Garlow
Pastor, Skyline Church
Pastors Rapid Response Team

My assistant:
Tracy Burger
619.660.5000 x5404

Pastor’s Rapid Response Team | PO Box 28912 | San Diego | CA | 92198