Out October: My Transgender Life

This isn’t my post. It’s from my online friends at The New Civil Rights Movement. With the rash of young queer suicides in the news, please read it. Remember: these are just the suicides we hear about. There are many, many more.


I created “Out October” as a month-long series dedicated to sharing stories of hope and strength. Stories that highlight people finding their way. Stories that tell everyone, but especially LGBTQ youth, that you can make it, that there is always hope, that there is always a way.

Here we have our first story to kick off “Out October.” I choose this story to start out the series because of its power, the strength of the individual and the message it sends to all who see it. Each weekday I will be adding to the list of stories, some are videos, some are written letters, but they all highlight the courage and strength it takes to “Take the next step.”

This documentary describes Erin’s feelings of growing up in the wrong body, how she dealt with it and how she is dealing with it. She tells of her feelings and her emotional responses. Erin Winter is a pillar of strength, and in her weak moments she knows she has people in her life she can turn to, like her partner, also transgender and a lesbian. These words don’t define them, they are a part of them but do not make them who they are.

Read the rest of this article at The New Civil Rights Movement.

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