World Communion Sunday

I like what Susan Leo says about World Communion Sunday: This Sunday is World Communion Sunday, the one day of the year when virtually every church all over the globe commits to celebrating communion. It’s like millions of people being gathered around the table all at once! It’s kind of a cool idea isn’t it? People in every country, hearing the words of institution in every language, sharing in the bread and the cup however they experience it. While Jesus likely celebrated the last supper with matzah and wine, what elements are used — what is served — varies from place to place. Green tea and rice cakes, water and tortillas, jallab and pita, apple juice and bagels, pepsi and cookies, grape juice and challah – it doesn’t matter what the elements are. What matters is the intention. What matters is that when it is celebrated we “Do this in remembrance of me.” We do this in remembrance of Jesus and all he showed us, all he taught us, all he did for us. This Sunday we’ll gather around Christ’s table — the table that is spread around the world — and we’ll worship God as we sing, pray, read, listen, and rejoice together. We’ll celebrate with you, wherever in the world you are.

I made this graphic to use for our church bulletin.

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One Comment on “World Communion Sunday”

  1. Janet L. Bohren Says:

    I really like your graphic. It so simply and beautifully encapsulates the meaning of World Communion Sunday.

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