Honor PAC election endorsements

HONOR PAC is a Latino/a LGBT political action committee. They have issued their endorsements for the upcoming election. Find them on Facebook.

To advocate for the political empowerment of Latina/o LGBT communities.

I have no affiliation with them, but this is a group I respect.

Dear HONOR PAC supporter:

We have some uninvited guests in our community working to force their extreme conservative ideals onto California’s Latino families.  They need to be stopped.

Earlier this month, the National Organization for Marriage (NOM), which masterminded the passing of Proposition 8, announced a partnership with other right-wing organizations to launch a Latino voter outreach program titled “Tu Valores.”  These groups sponsored a statewide bus tour and produced Spanish-language radio and television ads to deceive Latino voters into electing anti-choice and anti-LGBT rights candidates.  Our community pushed back and their messages were met with protest.  In East Los Angeles and in other communities, the Tu Valores bus skipped its scheduled stop to avoid the unfriendly reception.

Now, NOM is using the same divisive hate-laced tactics to get their very own candidate Andy Pugno elected to the State Assembly.

Pugno, the architect of Prop. 8, is too extreme to be in the California legislature.  He’s fought against a woman’s right to choose, even in the case of rape and incest, and stands opposed to issues that we care most about such as increasing state dollars for education, passing the California DREAM Act, and protecting workers regardless of immigration status.

We have a better option and someone who will fully support our right to live with the protections and freedoms that all communities deserve.  Help us elect HONOR PAC’s endorsed candidate Dr. Richard Pan to the State Assembly.

NOM has already spent $200,000 to air an attack ad on equality supporter Dr. Pan.  And just as you’d suspect, it’s filled with inaccurate claims and lies meant to scare voters.

HONOR PAC encourages you tocontribute to Dr. Pan’s Assembly campaign.  Your contribution will tell NOM we won’t let them get away with their lies and deceit again.

Dr. Richard Pan is a pediatrician and educator who builds coalitions and consensus to solve problems facing our communities.  He is supported by a large number of Latino and LGBT leaders and organizations, including our friends Speaker of the Assembly John Perez and Equality California.

But he needs our help to spread his winning message and counter NOM’s fear tactics.  Please go to Dr. Pan’s website,www.panforassembly.com, and add your name as a supporter by contributing to his campaign TODAY.

Together, we will send a message to NOM and Andy Pugno about our values and what California truly stands for.


Javier C. Angulo



for November 2, 2010 Election

LGBT Candidates:Robert D. Armenta, Jr.
Colton Unified School District Board

Toni Atkins
76th Assembly District (San Diego)

Ricardo Lara
50th Assembly District (South Gate)

Michael Angel Nava
San Francisco Superior Court

John Noguez
Los Angeles County Assessor

John A. Perez
46th Assembly District (Los Angeles)

Susan Talamantes Eggman
Stockton City Council District 5

Bryan Urias
Upper San Gabriel Valley Municipal Water District

LGBT Ally Candidates:

David Alvarez
San Diego City Council District 8

Betsy Butler
53rd Assembly District (Manhattan Beach/Torrance)

Irene Hernandez-Blair
Chino Valley Unified School District Board

Roger Hernandez
57th Assembly District (Baldwin Park)

Holly J. Mitchell
47th Assembly District (South Los Angeles)

Dr. Richard Pan
5th Assembly District (Sacramento)

Das Williams
35th Assembly District (Santa Barbara)

Congratulations to our endorsed candidates.  Please help them win by volunteering or giving to their campaigns.  Visit their campaign website for more information on how you can help.


Volunteer at the East L.A. Phone Bank to help elect
pro-LGBT & pro-immigrant rights candidates this November.

With less than a month until the general election, this is the time to volunteer to elect candidates that support our values for equality and justice. Gubernatorial candidate Jerry Brown and Kamala Harris, who is running to serve as our next Attorney General, need our help to win in November. We cannot afford having Meg Whitman and Steve Cooley who have already committed to defend Proposition 8 in the courts. Unless you join us to help decide the election, we run the risk of LOSING much of our rights and freedoms.

Equality California has partnered with the LA County Federation of Labor, AFL-CIO to call union members to persuade them to vote for pro-equality candidates.  The LGBT-themed phone banks are held  every Thursday (October 21 & 28) evening from 6:30-9:30pm.
AFL-CIO East Los Angeles Office
5161 Pomona Blvd. Suite 210
Los Angeles, CA 90022

Contact Joseph Arroyo at joseph@eqca.org or (213) 864-6790.

Dinner provided before phone bank. No experience necessary. Arrive early for parking and check-in.


or turn in your absentee ballot by mail or by dropping it off at your local poll location.

For more information, contact
your local county office.


Your contribution to HONOR PAC will support civic engagement and political activities that move Latino communities toward supporting full LGBT rights.  Your support is also important to help elect LGBT friendly candidates, and to assist the next generation of Latino LGBT leaders rise the ranks to serve in influential elected or appointed positions.


HONOR PAC advocates for the political empowerment of Latina/o LGBT communities.  HONOR PAC supports candidates and ballot propositions that advance progressive policies and serve the unique needs and interests of Latina/o LGBT communities.

P.O. BOX 86713
Los Angeles, CA 90086


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