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The Wild Goose is a Celtic metaphor for the Holy Spirit. Last month, the first Wild Goose festival was held near Chapel Hill, NC. This festival is a North American arts, music, justice and spirituality festival. Inspired by Greenbelt in the UK, the festival hoped to provide a space to deepen growth for those who want to connect faith and justice, and provide inspiration and energy for fresh expressions of Christianity in today’s world.

For more information about the festival check out The Wild Goose blog.

The July synchroblog is an open invitation for stories, thoughts, experiences and impressions that emerge from The Wild Goose Festival.

Of course, we’re looking for lots of stories from those who participated in the Festival. But we want to hear from you whether you were there or not! We still want to hear your story of how the Wild Goose (holy spirit) has made herself known in your life. Or, another option might be to write on why you wish you’d gone to the festival yourself. As always, we are looking for as many perspectives as possible!

I’m not participating in this month’s synchroblog (mostly having to do with this coming right after the Independence Day weekend–I’m just too busy right now to do the subject justice), but I want to lift up the folks who have, so here’s the list:

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One Comment on “Wild Goose Synchroblog”

  1. Sonja Says:

    Thanks for the props, Sonnie 🙂

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