The budget fiasco: it’s all my fault


Barack Obama is the President of the United States, but because

  • he’s black
    • he’s Kenyan
      • he doesn’t have a birth certificate
        • he’s a Muslim


he’s a bad President, the Republicans — and especially the Tea Party extremist-types — want him to be One-Term Obama (well, really they want him to be No-Term Obama, but even they can’t figure out how to make that happen).

In order to make this One-Term Obama vision a reality, the Tea Party folks who say that they don’t believe in big government [but really just don’t believe in big government when it means that they and their friends shouldn’t have to pay taxes and that everyone else who isn’t their friend shouldn’t get any government services (while many of them get all kinds of HUGE government services and/or advocate for them for their friends)] are willing to be the obstructionists who are willingly taking us to the brink of an economic catastrophe that will demolish the economic system of the entire world. Talk about a nuclear option!

The drop-dead (as it were) date for the debt ceiling crisis is August 2, just a few days from now. If there isn’t some kind of resolution to this, the one-remaining-superpower-in-the-world will be in a position to economically fail. Fail! And this isn’t a simple little thing that can be undone easily at a later date once the realization hits that this was a really REALLY bad idea in the first place…

Well, yes…

Now at the same time, the Tea Partiers like Michele Bachmann and her husband Marcus believe so strongly that “homosexuality is an abomination” that they think that they can cure people of their “same-sex attractions” as they like to say, kind of trying to say that there’s no such thing as any sexual orientation other than heterosexuality. They own and operate a business clinic in an attempt to achieve this goal. This business clinic, by the way, is the recipient of some of those no-big-government funds… but I digress yet again.

So back to the title and premise of this post: it’s all my fault.

August 2 — the drop-dead date for resolving the budget ceiling crisis — just happens to be the third anniversary of the legal marriage of me and my beloved wife.

This was our beautiful wedding cake

See? It all ties together. At least it does in Tea Party logic.

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2 Comments on “The budget fiasco: it’s all my fault”

  1. So eloquent and so right on the mark!

    Oh yes, and on a nice, positive note…what a beautiful wedding cake…we do need something in this mess to help us smile! 😉

  2. carolynkingshill Says:

    Hey, I remember that day. I was there!!!!! And the reception in your backyard where I talked a long time with Lisa Larges, among other people. I also remember that Gordon Douglass and I were the only PSG reps at the wedding. I remember that if Edie Gause said marriage once, she must have said it 50 times.

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